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Before I set to write this brief biography of mine, I had read out quite a few biographies of my fellow-painters finding them hardly more interesting than a phone directory. My life as a painter is marked by work and work only, by raising at dawn almost every single day, and by taking delight in small everyday joys. Nothing glamorous, spectacular. Certainly nothing close to biographies presented by the acclaimed modern art gurus. What could possibly be more spectacular than climbing a mountain in search of silence or what could be more delightful than experiencing that precious moment when lucidity touches the canavas and one knows that the painting happened.

Summing up my past 50 years, out of which 30 have been dedicated to painting, what to single out?

I was born on 19 May 1960 in Split, Croatia, where I graduated in 1979 from the School of Applied Arts and was accepted at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb the same year. However, the call of painting was strong enough to make me abandon the architectural studies the following year. I took my diploma in painting from the Zagreb Academy of Arts in 1985. Having completed the studies I courageously struggled to survive as a painter and simultanously took various jobs. Among others, I worked on the restoration and renewal of public and sacral buildings. Between 1988 and 1992 I lived as a freelance artist. My first solo exhibition took place in 1988. Since then the number increased to 20 or so.

My works performed in almost all classical painting techniques (mural, oil, mosaic, stained glass) can be seen in various sacral buildings located in Croatia and Bosnia. Between 1999-2008, I also managed to teach in the Art School and the Art Academy in Split. The hours off the school I was spending in my atelier. Some results of my work are displayed on these web pages. The paintings are not sorted out by any criteria. What I have wished is your approaching them directly, imagining yourself as a curious guest who is randomly pulling canvases out of the dusty corners of my atelier.